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How are iglidur plain bearings manufactured?

Lars Butenschön | 7. July 2019

iglidur plain bearings are mainly produced by injection moulding. At igus, we produce over a billion plain bearings per year. That’s about 3 million a day. In addition, we also use other manufacturing processes. For example, we manufacture plain bearings in smaller quantities, including turned from igus bar stock or made in 3D printing or […]


How long does a 3D printing component last?

Dirk Zacharias | 5. July 2019

Basically, the service life of a 3D printed component always depends heavily on the load and the material selected. Values such as torque, rotational speed, tensile load and compression load play a decisive role. The manufacturing process also has an influence on the durability of the component. 3D printing offers several advantages over milling. The […]