How can I guide energy in deep drilling rigs reliably and safely? What is the alternative to the service loop?

Tim Schneebeck | 5. July 2019

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To ensure that cables with large cross-sections and heavy weight can be safely guided in hanging applications, igus has developed the e-loop as an alternative to the service loop. The energy supply system is a round, three-dimensional modular system that can move strain-relieved cables with a defined bend radius. The cables can be used individually and replaced in case of maintenance. The chain links are also replaceable at any time.

A high-tensile pull rope inside the e-loops ensures that the tensile forces are absorbed and the cables relieved. This ensures high strength of the e-loop even in very harsh environmental conditions. Doubly secured screw connections are used between the elements of the energy supply, which prevent components from falling down and increase operational reliability.

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