Do energy chains influence the energy efficiency of the entire system over long paths?

Marco Thull | 5. July 2019

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Energy chain systems not only transport energy, data and media to machinery and equipment. They also have an influence on their energy costs. How much pull and push force, in other words drive power, is required at a given speed to move an energy chain? How light but at the same time sturdy must energy chains be designed so that as little energy as possible is consumed and motors as small as possible including drive control, frequency converter and mechanics are adequate? Modern plastic energy chains and chainflex cables help in this case to equip and operate machinery in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Energy efficient plastic energy chains and cables reduce consumption by up to 57%.

With the right materials and a sophisticated design, energy consumption required to move the energy chain can be reduced, as has been proved by current tests and sample calculations in the igus energy chain and cable laboratory:

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