Are there plain bearings that are resistant to mould?

Lars Butenschön | 7. July 2019

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In technical building systems, vehicles and the aircraft industry, it occurs frequently: mould. This is not only annoying but is also a health threat that should be taken seriously. For this reason, the plain bearings used there must be resistant to fungi and bacteria. Therefore, we subjected our iglidur materials G, G1, J, H1, X, G V0 and J350 to an appropriate mould test. “Determination of the action of microorganisms on plastics” in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 Method A showed that none of the iglidur plain bearings were afflicted with mould and that no change in the material was detected.

The mould-resistant and maintenance-free plain bearings are ideal for use in seat and arm adjustment mechanisms in aircraft, for example. In the area of technical building systems, the plain bearings are frequently used in ventilators or air-flap controllers.

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