Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance to Ecolab cleaners

Jan Michels | 7. October 2020

The safety of food and drink is crucial to the well-being and health of people around the world. The cleaning and disinfection of food and beverage machines is therefore extremely important. One of the best-known manufacturers of cleaning and disinfection products for this industry is Ecolab. Such cleaners are typically used in beverage filling machines. […]


Chemical-resistant energy chain systems for indoor cranes

Jens Göbel | 2. April 2020

The search for the best-suited cable guidance system for indoor crane applications under the influence of aggressive chemicals is a challenge. The specially developed chemically resistant igumid EG+ plastic is used both for the energy chain and for the plastic guide trough. The material’s very low total moisture absorption, which grants great resistance to aggressive chemicals, is decisive.


Are igus energy chains halogen-free?

Kathrin Kretz | 30. March 2020

This week we again received the question whether our e-chains contain chlorine. For someone who is not familiar with the subject, this question seems rather strange. I personally associate chlorine first of all with water purification in swimming pools. Here the connection with plastics is obvious. Therefore, let us go deeper into the subject.