iSet reduces design effort: one complete energy chain, please!

pwirth | 23. November 2021

Digging through hundreds of components step by step to put together the right energy chain system? No longer necessary thanks to the new iSet assemblies


How electric sliding gates become more reliable

pwirth | 11. October 2021

Defects on electric sliding gates are annoying. They waste time and generate costs – for example when lorries can no longer enter the company premises. microflizz – an energy supply system from igus that has won the iF Design Award – ensures greater reliability. In this post, I'll show you the benefits of the system.


What energy chain and the Duracell bunny have in common

pwirth | 10. December 2020

The energy chain just keeps going and going and going … The Duracell bunny and energy chain have been with us for several decades. The pink bunny with the drum became popular with the slogan, “No other battery looks like it. No other battery lasts like it. ” The bunny is still one of the […]


Despite the harsh environment: this energy chain operated for 18 years

pwirth | 9. November 2020

We are not surprised, but nevertheless excited about the news from a customer in the pipe manufacturing industry: for 18 years a first generation rol e-chain has been providing reliable service there –  in harsh environments. Newer systems will surpass this record. What happens in 18 years?: a child is born, learns to walk, graduates […]


e-spool flex creates order in the cable clutter

pwirth | 29. September 2020

Winding data cables and media hoses on cable drums? Because this does not work without complex and expensive slip ring technology, cables lying on the floor become a fall hazard in many companies. The alternative: the e-spool-flex cable drum with uninterrupted screw guide. Monday morning in an industrial hall: a technician wants to configure a […]