What energy chain and the Duracell bunny have in common

pwirth | 10. December 2020

The energy chain just keeps going and going and going …

The Duracell bunny and energy chain have been with us for several decades. The pink bunny with the drum became popular with the slogan, “No other battery looks like it. No other battery lasts like it. ” The bunny is still one of the best-known brand symbols in the world. It remains Duracell’s powerhouse.

Originating in 1973, the Duracell bunny embodies the long life of the Duracell battery. In 2002, it experienced a revival in a massive advertising campaign. This is where the parallel with the igus energy chain 29 series begins. At the time, the energy chain designated Part No. had been in use in shelving system manufacture for two years. The energy chain now in its third decade of use, makes customers happy with its performance in machining portals. The customers use the shelves for orderly display of their favourite books, photos or other objects. The energy chain slides along a travel of 11 metres and is centre fixed. It would probably win a competition with the Duracell bunny. The energy chain can be used at speeds of up to 10m/s.

Duracell bunny revival in 2002
igus energy chain in use since 2000

The igus customer is currently planning to overhaul the system. During this process, it will change to a new energy chain model. The E4. series has become state of the art and an igus bestseller. The associated aluminium guide trough complements the e-chain, creating a perfectly harmonised system. The combination results in an assembly that igus now offers as a complete set. This pre-selection gives the customer a complete set once the travel, chain width and bend radius are entered. A single click and the energy chain is configured, complete with mounting brackets, strain relief, separators, guide trough and screwdriver.

Energy chain complete set

Energy chain condition monitoring

A pioneer of Industry 4.0, Duracell established the POWERCHECK for its batteries ten years ago. This monitoring allows the user to query the battery level at any time and thus plan its service life better.

Duracell battery POWERCHECK

Energy chain condition monitoring uses a similar but somewhat better developed principle. If smart plasticsare used for condition monitoring, they immediately report any unexpected operating state, switch off the system or sound an alarm. Industrial manufacturers use this function to minimise system failures and downtime.

In the case of an existing or imminent defect, the sensors inform the system and recommend a stop. It operates without any additional external data-processing modules. Free consultation for any customer, no minimum order quantity

Condition monitoring
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