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Energy chains in the work area

mkogelmann | 30. June 2020

Energy chains in the work area What used to be normal (energy chains in the working area) is now largely avoided. However, some applications cannot be implemented otherwise. Hot or sharp-edged swarf can quickly impair the function of an energy supply system. Regardless of whether the swarf damages the cables or swarf clusters minimise the […]


Insert energy chain on the side

mkogelmann | 5. May 2020

The installation space for energy chains is often limited in height. One solution, although not always practical, is then to reduce the bend radius of the energy chain. But this is not always possible. Either the reduction of the bend radius is not sufficient for the chain to fit into the installation space, or it […]


Selecting the correct mounting bracket

mkogelmann | 7. April 2020

Almost all mounting brackets are available in two variants. The first pivots, the second is fixed. At this point, many design engineers wonder when they should use the pivoting and when the fixed version. Pivoting mounting brackets are standard for gliding or horizontally unsupported applications But why is that? The pivoting mounting bracket compensates for […]


hängende e-kette in Bearbeitungszentrum

Hanging installation of energy chains in machine tools

mkogelmann | 3. April 2020

In handling or in machine tools, energy supplies must be planned as “hanging” applications for vertical movement. This is actually not a great challenge, but there are things to consider in planning and design. Pivoting or fixed? Which connection method is the right one? Pivoting mounting brackets have the advantage that when installation space is […]


Standing installation of energy chains in machine tools

mkogelmann | 31. March 2020

Whether in handling systems or in machine tools, with vertical movements the energy supply systems must often be planned “standing”. Actually not a great challenge, but there are still some aspects that have to be considered and taken into account during planning and design. Pivoting or locking mounting brackets? If I can support the e-chain […]