e-spool – the alternative to the cable drum on an indoor crane

Jens Göbel | 21. April 2020

The e-spool is a chain-based drum application without sliding contacts. Ideal for applications and load-carrying equipment constructions that have no room for a collection basket (lift strap). The cables guided in the chain are not exposed to tensile strain, which has a positive effect on the service life of the cables.


Energy chains on indoor cranes under rough conditions – how resilient are polymer chains?

Jens Göbel | 18. April 2020

As versatile as the various indoor crane designs are, their areas of application are just as varied. The advantages of the energy chain over other cable or power supply systems are particularly evident under adverse operating conditions. Suitable for both trolley drive and crane drive, heavy-duty energy chains, with and without integrated skate wheels, can master even the most difficult operating conditions.


Relevant regulations for vending machine manufacturers in the food sector

Jens Göbel | 17. April 2020

There are a number of standards for vending machine manufacturers in the food sector. Here is


20 years igus rol e-chains

Jens Göbel | 17. March 2020

In 1999 a mile stone was set for igus with the installation of the first igus rol e-chain for a 130m crane travel at a river port in Germany. The integration of roller into the side part of the chain link helped to significantly reduce the coefficient of friction and therefore the energy needed to […]