Results from the test laboratory

Martin Raak | 1. August 2011

This cyclic fatigue test has already run more than 2.9 million cycles and shows no damage whatsoever. Read on Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


Asymmetric robolink-version

Martin Raak | 28. July 2011

Asymmetric pivot angle arrangement: Displacement of the pivot angle of +/-90° to +130°/-50° This gives you a completely new area of operations with our robolink multi-axis joints. All other properties do not change compared to the original version. Both versions can be freely combined as desired. Get an overview in the following video. Vote Up […]


igusĀ® Bowden cable

Martin Raak | 19. May 2011

A Bowden cable is a moving machine element to transmit a mechanical movement or a pulling force through a combination of a wire and a casing sturdy in the running direction (“draw wire” according to DIN 71986). The Bowden cable was named after its inventor Ernest Monnington Bowden (1860-1904). An optimized friction pair between the […]


Stage of development of sensor technology

Martin Raak | 7. May 2011

The AS5304A linear encoder chip of the manufacturer Austriamicrosystems is located on the sensor boards. The magnetic rings have 31 pole pairs (pivot) and 29 pole pairs (rotation), so that 4960 (pivot) and 4640 (rotation) signals respectively are issued per rotation. This corresponds to an angular accuracy of approx 0.07°. In addition, our magnetic rings […]


robolink configurator

Martin Raak | 4. April 2011

Available now, produced by laser-sintering process With the new product configurator, you can now request for a customized system quickly and easily. Configure individually from the robot joint kit and inquire or order directly online. robolink configurator Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!