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A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation. (Part 2/2)

Christian Schäfer | 3. April 2020

In Part 1 of the blog series, the igus IAP1 sprue picker is introduced, and its use in production at igus in more than 60 injection-moulding machines explained. The advantages are cost-effective automation, more economical production and amortisation in just a few months.

Here is the first part of the blog series: igus IAP1 sprue picker (Part 1/2)

What can the IAP1 sprue picker do?

The IAP1 was developed to reach into scraper and ejector tool moulds. igus lubrication-free bearing material is used for movement with a link roller guide, as well as lead screw and drive technology. A dynamic single-axis system with electric drive.

The picker is especially well suited to automation and retrofitting of small injection moulding machines and allows removal and separation of sprue in very tight spaces. The system can be fully integrated into the injection moulding machine with quick removal within the standard protective enclosure. The entire tool cycle, from opening to closing, is 1.25 seconds.

The picker has a modular design. For instance, the substructure can be adapted to various machine types. The solution is a stand-alone device including a engine control system that is easy to programme. No additional software is needed.

The signal flow between the IAP1 and the control system is as follows:

Internal IAP1 use is on Arburg A270S machines (horizontal and vertical injection unit). A Siemens 1212DC integrated into the control cabinet serves as a PLC. All D1 engine control system data can be found here: dryve D1 engine control system – select, click, control …

What is in the scope of delivery and what additional costs will there be?

igus delivers the sprue picker kinematics and the engine control system. The remaining hardware and integration is the responsibility of the customer. The sprue picker is used for many igus production tasks. That is why we are happy to help you with questions about integration and make example circuit diagrams, drawings and other information available.

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