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Machines and plant for plastics processing. An industry overview.

Christian Schäfer | 9. April 2020

…but also challenges, for igus motion plastics.

The igus products can be found in a variety of machines and equipment for the plastic and rubber industry. This includes machines


Automated plastic production? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation

Christian Schäfer | 26. March 2020

The decisive factors in the plastic processing industry are efficiency and productivity. That is why automation processes such as machine feeding, component handling and pick-and-place processes are essential components of


Why lubrication-free is a better option for your ball bearing

Patrick Czaja | 15. June 2020

plastic. No grease No oil No residues on hands or machines! In most applications where ball bearings are used, mostly low loads and low speeds are required. Plastic ball bearings…


A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation. (Part 2/2)

Christian Schäfer | 3. April 2020

In Part 1 of the blog series, the igus IAP1 sprue picker is introduced, and its use in production at igus in more than 60 injection-moulding machines explained. The advantages


Plastic recycling

Marco Thull | 14. November 2019

What do you do with old plastic energy chains?! Plastic recycling programme for energy chains

In most factories, the usual procedure is to remove energy chains from the machines and