Ball bearings in copy machines: Why xiros® is the right choice

Patrick Czaja | 4. December 2020

Polymer ball bearings are being used more and more frequently in copy machines. Why? They are lubrication-free, , low-maintenance and extremely lightweight. No external lubrication is necessary, and contamination of the application environment can be ruled out.

Following our slogan, “Tech up, Cost down”, our xiros ball bearings made of high-performance polymers perform better than conventional metal ball bearings. They have a much lower breakaway torque, since they do not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant.

xiros polymer ball bearings are the result of our own efforts and work. Our customers not only benefit from a large variety of products directly from the manufacturer which perform better than metal ball bearings, for example, but also from many years of experience in the industry’s largest test laboratory for tribo-polymers.

xiros polymer ball bearings in copy machines

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