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Zig-zag on the indoor crane – the unusual cable guidance for lifting applications

Jens Göbel | 24. April 2020

For many lifting applications, a compact, space-saving solution is extremely important. But the more cables coming together in a system and the higher the stroke, the fewer the plausible solutions. If the liftband or the e-spool reaches its limits, the zig-zag installation is often the only thing that remains.

What does the term “zig-zag” mean in energy chain applications, anyway?

“Zig-zag” refers to a solution in which the energy chain is folded together in individual layers. Turning individual chain links along the entire energy chain results in a single rigid element. When the load suspension device is lowered, these segments are gradually pulled out of a basket designed for this type of application. Little by little, the suspended energy chain comes to hang straight down. If the load suspension device is lifted again, the chain segments fold themselves together again in the basket.

Advantages of the zig-zag application:

In addition to the familiar advantages of an energy chain over other cable systems and current-carrying systems, such as the assumption of tensile strength or the defined bend radius. Almost the entire energy chain range can be used in zig-zag applications. This provides a large variety of chain widths and inner heights. The zig-zag applications offer the following:

  • Great stroke height–up to 20m
  • High travel speeds
  • Chain selection for large & heavy cable packages
  • Low-maintenance solutions

Examples of zig-zag applications:

If we have aroused your interest in the zig-zag application as a cable guide, and you would like to see where and how it has been used in other  applications , you can visit our website.

Video – “Zig-zag” application with an indoor crane, including for high speeds

On our website, you will find further examples of and solutions for cable guidance on indoor cranes. You will also find our brochure for free download.

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