You don’t play with water! Or do you?

Patrick Czaja | 25. March 2021

Warm summer evenings, starry skies and marvelling at a choreography with colourful water fountains and walls supported by music – a great feeling. However, there is quite a bit of technology behind this breathtaking light and water show. If there is a technical error or even a defect in the components, the choreography can quickly turn into a disaster. Operators of these systems are therefore urged to select their components carefully so that precisely these faults or downtime can be avoided. What does igus have to do with it? And why does plastic play a role in ball bearings?

We are already being approached by customers who want to use ball bearings made of high-performance polymers. These are particularly useful when it comes to underwater applications. In the water fountains, the ball bearings are permanently under water, so conventional metal ball bearings don’t stand a chance there. In the long run, the metal ball bearings would corrode, the grease would be washed out and the ball bearings would eventually come to a standstill. The show is then over and the disappointment is great.

The advantages of our xiros polymer ball bearings for water fountains are:

  • 100% lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-free
  • Extremely smooth running
  • Cost-effective

Do you want further information? Please take a look at our Infoworld.

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