Why customer training helps save money

Andreas Muckes | 21. October 2020

Customer training sounds strange at first, doesn’t it? When it comes to training, I have different images in my head.   Fortunately, we do not try any gimmicks with our customers. We also do not let them go through boot camp or make them pump weights.

Nevertheless, we train our customers and thus give an advantage to their projects. How and why do we train our customers? And what exactly do we teach them? Why is this training useful? And above all: where do the savings lie?

Our on-site exhibition

For decades we have been organising our in-house exhibition with news at our customers’ premises. The reason for this is the need to present new products to customers in a tailored manner. At the in-house exhibition, we show the customer the innovations which are optimally tailored to the customer’s needs

We either come to the customer with our trade show stand or build up individual samples at the customer’s premises, which are tailored for their applications. Particularly in the field of cables, customers often want in-depth answers to their questions and also more background information. But the in-house exhibition does not always provide the right setting for this. It is personal, clear and yet incredibly informative. What becomes more difficult are in-depth, technical explanations for the customer. Dedicating oneself to new topics in an entire department is almost completely out of the question.

Customer training

It is at this point that customer training begins. After basic explanations, we can explicitly address the needs in a customer training session. We can concentrate on individual topics and be on the same level. A kind of VIP service, so to speak. The customer is picked up where, he stands, figuratively speaking.

We convey basic principles of cable selection and service life assessment. Checking which jacket materials are appropriate at which points can often explain a lot about the electrical specifications of bus or hybrid cables. Usually, it then quickly turns into customer-specific topics. Connector technology is not neglected either. With all these topics we go very deeply into the customer’s application. This makes it possible to quickly determine the correct cable quality by carefully considering the service life. Over dimensioning can be avoided at the design stage, reducing costs. In many cases we can, of course, also increase the service life.

The customer training can take place either at our premises or at the customer’s premises. And we are also flexible in terms of scope. Usually we calculate 2 to 3 hours. Intensive time during which we combine the different departments of the igus company. Oriented towards the individual needs of our customers.

Often the customer training results from a previous visit where initial thoughts were exchanged. Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement and the training can also be requested directly.

Sample cables

For explanation we use sample cables on site. The customer can not only look at them, but also touch them. This gives him a feeling for the cables, their characteristics and also partly for what they can do.

Save through customer training

Through this way of personal exchange we find new ways to implement Tech up and Cost down.  

Are you interested in an in-house exhibition? We would be happy to advise you on your options! Talk to your contact person and save money with better technology.

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