Throughput time and its significance for your production

Beke Nieszytka | 2. August 2019

What is throughput time?

Throughput time is one of the most important parameters in industrial production. It is a reflection of cost, quality and delivery time. But even developers and designers need to adapt to the ever-shortening lifecycles of products through shorter throughput times in the design phase.

Throughput time describes the time that a process takes from start to finish. These can also be small sub-processes as well as the process from order receipt to outgoing goods.

Throughput time = Waiting time + Processing time

Waiting times include, for example:

  • Setup time
  • Transportation time
  • Idle time
  • Storage time
  • Additional time

The pure processing time can be considered as the good part of throughput time and describes the time in which a workpiece is actually machined. Within production, it is the value-adding component. Small amounts of the time required for the process account for the actual processing time.

Example of a process without readychain®

Why is throughput time so important?

In addition to the importance of throughput time is the impact on delivery time, the cost of a product is also strongly determined by the total production times. According to the Kaizen principle, eliminating waiting times and the value-added use of internal resources has a major impact on the selling price and margin of the product.

igus® produces harnessed energy supply systems that make your production leaner (lean production principle). The igus® readychain® helps you to increase the productivity of your factory while enhancing the quality of your products.

Time savings with readychain®

Why you should opt for a readychain® from igus®?

The throughput time of the assembly of complete energy chain systems often takes several days. With the igus® readychain®, you can reduce your throughput times from several days to hours. Due to sophisticated logistics, igus® supplies turnkey systems.

If you want to know more, further information about igus readychain options can be found here.

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