Versatile vending machines: when future demand is for snacks instead of masks

Andrej Schmidt | 4. May 2020

Whether bicycle tube, pizza or medicine, anyone who wants to can buy these products at midnight, provided there is a vending machine nearby. Never before has it been so easy to obtain products for spontaneous needs after closing time. Vending machines enable a 24/7 service. Already seen in Japan for a long time, the trend towards vending machines has also arrived in Germany. Diversity is increasing, and with it the flexibility of vending machines. Whoever wants to sell masks today and snacks tomorrow can do so without any problems.

Vending machine manufacturers are aware of the rapidly changing demand and take this into account in their design. Both the variety of vending machines and their flexibility to change products from one day to the next have developed strongly in recent years. More and more igus products have also found their way into the applications.

A solution for any application

In a great variety of industries, igus products are used to technically refine solutions and save costs. Some examples are listed here:

Media kiosk:

Pizza vending machine:

Parking ticket machine:

Fully automatic coffee machine:

Automatic cup tray adjustment for fully automatic coffee machines – Support through 3D printing service

Spice vending machine:

eco ATM – Mobile phone reverse vending machine:

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