Ultimaker and igus – leading 3D printers meet iglidur high-performance filaments

Dirk Zacharias | 10. October 2019

Cooperation means reaching common goals faster and improving products and services. This creates enthusiasm with customers and strengthens the own image and market position. Offering customers simple solutions and inspiring them is the goal of the cooperation between Ultimaker and igus.

The K 2019 Fair in Düsseldorf – visit us from 16 – 23 October

Convince yourself live of the latest Ultimaker 3D printers and the iglidur filaments to produce low-wear components. At both booths you will find more information about our products and can get advice from the experts. Visit us at the international trade fair for plastics and rubber in Düsseldorf – we look forward to seeing you.

iglidur filaments for FFF 3D-printers

Matching material profiles for ideal printing results

As one of the leading producers of 3D printers using the FFF/FDM method worldwide, Ultimaker co-operates with material partners and is able to choose pre-configured material profiles for a particular selection of filaments via the software “Cura”. Also, igus is the official material partner of Ultimaker. The low-wear iglidur filaments were tested thoroughly, and based on the results the ideal material profiles for processing were determined. The user can now simply select these profiles depending on the iglidur material used and start printing immediately. This makes processing these filaments a lot easier and saves time and effort. In addition, the user receives the ideal printing result due to the thoroughly tested and defined default setting.

For that, it is necessary to install the filament profiles in the Cura software, via which the CAD data are transformed into a processable 3D printing file. Experienced users can also adapt the provided material profiles to their needs by changing different parameters. The Cura software furthermore allows users to create their own material profiles.

Ultimaker S5 printer with iglidur I180 filament from igus gmbh
Ultimaker S5 Printer with iglidur I180 Filament from igus GmbH

Ultimaker 3D-printers and igus Filaments – two partners, one goal

Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President Product Management, Ultimaker BV

Ultimaker is pleased to announce that Igus materials are now available in the Ultimaker Marketplace. Igus Iglidur® I150 and Iglidur® I180 enable different professional applications, meeting the demand for 3D printed parts with low friction and high abrasion-resistance. Lubrication-free bearings, jigs and fixtures, and complex wear parts are just some of the applications that can be printed with these two filaments. The Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 3D printers, together with the award-winning Ultimaker Cura software are exactly what you need to print a variety of high-performance applications.

More of our cooperation will be presented at TCT (Birmingham/UK), Westec (Los Angeles/USA) and FormNext (Frankfurt/Germany) later this year.

Tom Krause, Head of Additive Manufacturing, igus GmbH

Lots of igus customers are deeply interested in iglidur Tribofilaments, which have up to 50 times higher wear-resistance than regular 3D-printing materials. 

In order to print all kinds of parts, where wear and friction matters. These customers and igus itself using often Ultimaker 3D-printers, in order to print reliable parts out of iglidur Tribofilament.

Furthermore, lots of customers find it very useful to have the best settings already loaded to the 3D-printing software Cura for iglidur I150 and iglidur I180. This way the customer safes a lot of time to find the best parameters of the iglidur Tribofilament for Ultimaker 3 /5S printers.

iglidur filaments – friction-optimised and low-wear polymers for 3D printing

Currently, there are suitable material profiles for the iglidur filaments most often used for the Ultimaker 3D printers. These are the iglidur filament I150 and iglidur I180. The plain bearings polymer iglidur I150 complies with EN 10/2011 for food approval, and iglidur I180 is suited particularly for high requirements regarding wear resistance and coefficient of friction. The profiles are available to download and make 3D printing very easy, as the software selects the ideal settings based on the corresponding profile. The profiles for processing iglidur filaments are currently available and have been tested for the Ultimaker devices of the series 3 and S5.

Advantages for the user

Due to the co-operation between Ultimaker and igus, the processing of the iglidur filaments in the Ultimaker 3D printers has become a lot easier. Neither special knowledge nor programming expertise is required. By co-operating with Ultimaker, the processing of our filaments is a piece of cake and turns processing the low-wear iglidur polymers in Ultimaker printers into a “plug and play” solution.

You can find out more about igus 3D printing on our homepage.

You can find your suitable iglidur filament in our online shop.

You can find out more about the new Ultimaker S5 here.

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