To extend the reach of your Universal Robot

Adriana Glazer | 23. September 2020

Extending the reach of robots in order to be able to work more efficiently is an issue that will interest every robot user sooner or later. In this article our whole focus is on linear axes for universal robots.

igus® offers a linear axis (also called 7th axis) for universal robots, with which the operating volume of the robot can be increased. All this with UR Cap Integration, i.e. the linear axis is fully integrated in the Universal Robots software and can then be taught via the Universal Robot Touch Display (handheld).

7th axis for UR3, UR5 and UR10

The axis can be configured with up to 6[m] stroke. The carriage plate is prepared for the robot so that the UR3, UR5 and UR 10 robots can be attached. There is also a possibility of attaching energy chains.

You can find the configurator for your 7th axis here.

Configure 7th axis for Universal Robots

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