Which sealing variants are available for ball bearings?

Marco Thull | 20. December 2019

Many metallic rolling bearings are available as a sealed version The sealing is usually absolutely necessary for metallic ball bearings as otherwise dirt can get into the ball running surfaces, mix with the lubricant and thus block the rolling of the bearing. Metallic bearings must be protected Metallic ball bearings are also available in an […]


What is DIN 625?

Marco Thull | 19. December 2019

The DIN 625 specifies the dimensions for single row radial deep groove ball bearings. It is the best known standard in the rolling bearing sector. Radial ball bearings (see picture) are among the most commonly used ball bearings and are designed to support predominantly radial forces. In addition to DIN 625, there is a separate […]


When do I use a particular ball bearing? – Metal, plastic, ceramic

Patrick Czaja | 18. November 2019

Choosing the right material for ball bearings is not always easy. A short summary, when I use a particular ball bearing. Limits of metallic ball bearings Metallic ball bearings are mainly used in most classic mechanical engineering applications. They rank number 1 in terms of global sales volumes and are suitable for a large number […]