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Machine tool

How can workpieces be exchanged faster?

Volker Beissel | 28. April 2020

Machine tool cycle times are being continuously optimised, and loading and unloading must therefore be correspondingly quick. When the gantry is larger, it is especially important that the energy supply keep pace. For travels of 10m or more, the P4 series is well ahead of the pack. This chain is the latest generation of igus […]


Designing more cost-effectively with E4.1L

Michael Hornung | 23. April 2020

Especially in machine tools, many electrical cables and hoses run through the energy chain. Hoses for hydraulics and cooling with large diameters are often necessary to meet the requirements of flow rates. This means that designers must select energy chains with a large interior space.


Can 3D printers replace machine tools?

igu-blog-adm | 22. April 2020

You need a metallic component. You can quickly import the software model and the part comes out of the 3D printer in no time at all. Swarf doesn’t occur. There is practically no waste. This quickly leads to the question: can 3D printers replace classic machine tools? This blog examines this question for three relevant […]


The moving lower run

Lars Butenschön | 21. April 2020

Installation situation e-chain with moving lower run Sometimes the installation situation requires turning the orientation of the e-chain and turning it upside down, so to speak. The fixed end is mounted “up” and the moving end is “down”. This is a very special installation situation and places other demands on the design of the energy […]


How do you reduce costs in the machine tool, for example?

Marco Thull | 20. April 2020

People often look for ways to reduce the cost of a machine tool. Of course there should be no loss of service life. The large chains of the X, Y and Z axes were then already discussed in detail with a colleague and the most favourable solution that works was selected. But there is also […]