How can workpieces be exchanged faster?

Volker Beissel | 28. April 2020

Machine tool cycle times are being continuously optimised, and loading and unloading must therefore be correspondingly quick. When the gantry is larger, it is especially important that the energy supply keep pace. For travels of 10m or more, the P4 series is well ahead of the pack.

This chain is the latest generation of igus rol e-chains.  The basic idea was to prevent the rollers from jumping when they roll over each other. This ensures smoother running and greater dynamics. It is achieved with the special autoglide separators in conjunction with divided rollers.

What does it mean for the machine tools?

The loading unit is no faster than its weakest link. Given a secure energy supply at up to 10m/s and 50m/s², the chain can ensure that downtime is reduced during loading and unloading. This allows even more efficient machine tools. The series also saves energy because the drive force for moving the e-chain is 75% lower than that of a comparable gliding application.   

To allow proper chain dimensioning, the chain is available with inner heights of 32, 42, 56 & 80mm and in various widths and radii.

P4 series:

P4 technology:

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