10 potential savings with igus linear plain bearings – White paper free of charge

Ingo Urbach | 26. January 2021

Save money and get your Tech up – A daily challenge for many engineers and designers and our service offer for you.

At igus, potential savings are not just hidden in the purchase price. Your machine or project will benefit from a lot of advantages through our products. Example:

  • Self-lubricating polymers and absolute cleanliness
  • Low part weights and fast deliveries
  • The sliding principle and the use of innovative materials

From time savings, reduced maintenance and weight savings up to noise level reduction. The advantages of a linear plain bearing from igus are many and yet simple. We have summarised the 10 biggest potential savings in a white paper and made it available for everyone to download. With it, everyone can start saving right away.

Thanks to intensive research and extensive testing under real conditions in the industry’s largest test laboratory, igus guarantees a long service life for all our products. We also test under extreme conditions, for example, in a cold chamber.

We can also help you if you need a custom-made component that we do not currently offer. Customised is not a foreign word for us.

And there’s more! igus produces in Cologne, which means that the delivery routes and the distance to a contact in case of questions are short. Our experts would be happy to assist you. Whether you have questions about the product, the implementation of complex projects or if you simply want to know if it is suitable.

Michael Hornung – expert for linear technology & drive technology at igus

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