Jacket material

Which jacket material for which industry?

Jan Arnoldy | 1. October 2020

We have already explained our different jacket qualities in another article. But, which outer jacket quality do I actually need for a cable in a certain application or industry? I am frequently asked this question and therefore in this article I would like to show some common industry solutions as examples for the outer jacket […]


Just look, don’t touch! With us it is different

Andreas Muckes | 23. September 2020

Of course this is just a saying. But in fact – especially in the retail trade – this is often the case. You don’t often hear this when you enter a shop. Unless you are out with children. But sellers often radiate this. It’s different when it comes to cables. Who wants to buy a […]


Jacket materials

Andreas Muckes | 23. March 2020

Why are there different jacket materials, and what materials are there? What are the differences in materials?