Just look, don’t touch! With us it is different

Andreas Muckes | 23. September 2020

Of course this is just a saying. But in fact – especially in the retail trade – this is often the case. You don’t often hear this when you enter a shop. Unless you are out with children. But sellers often radiate this. It’s different when it comes to cables. Who wants to buy a pig in a poke? The rule here is: look and by all means touch! There are sample cables for this.

The condition of the cable

We have already described the importance of choosing the right cable in other articles. The condition of the cable plays a major role in this. Because it simply has many effects. It is important that the user knows what he needs and above all what he is buying. He can do this best through good advice and his own physical involvement with the cable.

The whole thing is comparable to buying fabric for sewing. The material selection of fabric and thread is enormous. But unfortunately there are also differences in quality. Similar to cables for moving applications.

Not every sewing machine harmonises with every thread or fabric. Likewise, not every cable harmonises with every application. With fabrics, the difference in quality can be determined in advance. Sewing enthusiasts like to call it “caressing fabrics”. Only those who feel the fabrics will notice the difference. This allows you to quickly find out whether it is the right one.

The situation is similar when it comes to cables for moving applications. The cables perform well. So it is important that you harmonise with the applications. And indeed, it is just as important that the buyer feels good when deciding on a particular cable in his application.

Look and by all means touch – our sample cables

 “Just look, don’t touch” does not work here. You need a feeling for the right cable.

You need to feel the jacket materials to experience how the cable works in your application. And perhaps also why it may not work in it.

This “physical selling” is part of our corporate concept. It is very important for us – and in the end also for the customers – to show our cables and explain the differences to the customers. If possible, this is done in a personal meeting.

In the individual preparation for this we fall back on a multitude of sample cables. To look at. And to touch. The samples are small, segmented pieces of cable. By exposing the components, not only the external condition can be tested, but also the structure of the cable can be viewed in detail.

Samples for your application

There are applications where “looking and touching” is not enough, despite years of experience, to make the right cable selection. Applications are versatile, technology is constantly changing and so are the demands on our products.

This is what makes our job so exciting. New applications and complex machines often present us with challenges. We will gladly accept these.

To find the right cable, we therefore also offer test samples that are tested directly in the application. This gives our customers the certainty that it will work.

We are here for you! Browse through our new online catalogue or request an individual sample. But also remember that some questions only arise in personal exchange. And this is also the best basis for constructive discussions and possible solutions.

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