This is how you seal plain bearings reliably against the ingress of dirt

Lars Butenschön | 16. April 2020

Most plain bearing manufacturers – and igus® is no exception – advertise their bearings with the attribute “insensitive to dirt”. But what does that actually mean? And what do you do when you have exhausted the limits of this rather subjectively formulated concept? In equipment intended for really rough environments, such as mining, earthworks on […]


New material iglidur® K250 in automotive applications

Julio Pauli | 9. April 2020

Wear results of our new material iglidur® K250, which is characterised by a high flexibility and moisture absorption, are presented below. Compared to the igus classic iglidur® M250, the tribological properties could also be improved.


Hygienic dispensing machines

Andrej Schmidt | 9. April 2020

Wherever there is food contact, cleaning must be frequent and intensive. It is the same in the food processing industry and it is also the same in the manufacture of vending machines. There are strict rules for this, resulting from the regulations of the European Parliament.


Automotive goes digital – meet us online

Steffen Schack | 9. April 2020

“Together is the important word”, is the slogan of Frank Blase, Managing Director of igus GmbH, in the following video on the subject of digital consulting: We would like to work out the perfect solution for your automotive application together with you, even if we cannot visit you on site at the moment. Meet […]


Why plastic sliding rollers? Part 2

Bastian Mehr | 9. April 2020

What can be done with a plastic sliding roller? Here we must clearly compare the cost-benefit factor. Basically, a solid plastic roller is a cost-effective component: of course, depending on the material and the production process behind it. But the plastic roller has its limits. Here one must assess whether the application is suitable. With […]