Speed 5DOF arm with IME (igus® motion editor)

Martin Raak | 26. October 2012

At MOTEK and FAKUMA we have shown for the first time our new IME software. A common question from many prospective customers was: “How fast can I position with it?” Admittedly, the speeds of the arm shown there were not exactly breathtaking. Now that we have once again optimized the program a little, here is […]


Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK:

Martin Raak | 17. October 2012

Company Faude GmbH from Gärtringen has equipped a robolink articulated arm as manual assistant for the data analysis. This allows customers to leave contours and read out robot coordinates and speeds. This is then used in the next step for the dosing of media (e.g. glue) in semi-automated workstations. Faude GmbH offers this arm as […]


Short film demo IME (robolink programming software)

Martin Raak | 9. October 2012

Here is a film (about 3 minutes), in which I briefly show how the software works and what you can do with it. Film Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


Pick & place with IME (igus® motion editor)

Martin Raak | 4. October 2012

To complement the film from last week, there is now a sequence that we also want to demonstrate at the MOTEK. The 5 DOF articulated arm is thereby equipped with an electric gripper from Gimatic. Next week I will explain what is needed for this assembly. You will be able to download our software from […]


robolink at INNOROBO in Lyon (Fr)

Martin Raak | 18. May 2012

We presented our construction kit at INNOROBO from 14 March to 16 March. We would like to thank the many visitors who expressed their interest. EURONEWS has a report about INNOROBO (4 min’s): Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!