Speed 5DOF arm with IME (igus® motion editor)

Martin Raak | 26. October 2012

At MOTEK and FAKUMA we have shown for the first time our new IME software. A common question from many prospective customers was: “How fast can I position with it?” Admittedly, the speeds of the arm shown there were not exactly breathtaking. Now that we have once again optimized the program a little, here is a film with the current maximum attainable speed of movement (with a further increase in speed, repeatability suffers to such an extent that the parts cannot be used properly). We reach a cycle time of approx 7 sec for a pick & place operation (55 sec for this process with 8x pick and place):

Another question was the possibility of using the arm in the clean room, or in areas with a lot of dust and dirt. The system is open, but there is always the possibility to “pack” the arm, here in the film is a very simple option with a protective shell of plastic (costs almost nothing, attached in seconds):



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