Six highlights that started as igus NEWS

Volker Beissel | 10. August 2021

In 2021, we will again introduce you to 168 new products. Not all of our new products make a big splash or even make it into our catalogue range. But a few highlights from various industries did. Today I will give you a preview of the machine-tool-relevant NEWS this year in the form of six […]


Which energy supply system makes sense for top drive systems?

Tim Schneebeck | 17. July 2020

The oil and gas business is not an easy one, especially in the so-called upstream production and extraction sector. Driven by the oil price, plants today have to work more and more efficiently to survive in the market. Many of the plants currently in operation are either not automated or only semi-automated. The efficiency of […]


Konfektionierung eines e-Loops

What is the fastest way to replace cables in e-loops?

Tim Schneebeck | 27. April 2020

One great advantage of the e-loop is its modularity. That means that each part of the product can be replaced separately. This is not true of conventional service loops, for example. There are basically two methods of replacing a cable: The e-loop is opened on its outer side by loosening the screws. The old cable […]