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Volker Beissel | 10. August 2021

In 2021, we will again introduce you to 168 new products. Not all of our new products make a big splash or even make it into our catalogue range. But a few highlights from various industries did. Today I will give you a preview of the machine-tool-relevant NEWS this year in the form of six short news items from the past. A consistent pursuit of innovative solutions has paid off, and each product that establishes itself on the market clears the way for a revolution.

1. 1999 E400R rol e-chain / crane technology

This product revolutionised crane systems. In 1999, equipping a 130-m crane system travel with an e-chain was still a bold idea. Today, the e-chain is the standard for crane systems in ports.

122-m ship-to-shore crane in the Netherlands

2. 2003 triflex R / robotics

At the time, there were no defined radii for cable guidance on the robot. The introduction of the igus triflex R changed all that.  This chain has established itself as a problem-solver for industrial robots and is now in use in several machine tools thanks to its robust design. 

Transnova-RUF Verpackungs- und Palettiertechnik GmbH palletising robots with triflex R

3. 2012 e-spool / theatre

Moving stages, lowering lighting elements, and supplying large monitors in stadiums with power and data. To tame the chaotic tangle of cables, the e-spool system has established itself backstage. All cables are sorted with defined radii, optimising service life. In many large stadiums, theatres, and opera houses, the e-spool has become a permanent fixture in the inventory.

e-spool in the Joan Sutherland Theatre / Sydney Opera House

4. 2013 Basic flizz / sewage plants

Instead of solutions with slip rings or festooning, which have a limited service life, the basic flizz system has established itself in wastewater and sewage treatment plants. The standardised trough system makes replacing everything quick and easy. Combined with our durable chains and cables, the system need be installed only once. 

58-metre basic flizz system in the primary clarifier

5. 2016 ESQM pillow block bearing / solar technology

Solar panels in large solar parks are oriented towards the sun. Bearings are required for this operation. Bearing points cannot be generously greased in such primitive conditions, of course. igus developed a special pillow block bearing for just this purpose. Its divisibility makes it easy to mount, and the plastic ensures lubrication-free orientation for a long, long time.

ESQM pillow block bearings for tracking systems

6. 2019 e-loop / deep drilling rigs

On land or on the high seas, large deep drilling rigs must operate reliably despite adverse conditions. Loose cables whipping around were previously a major hazard. Within a very short time, igus’s e-loop established itself, making rig operation safer and more reliable. The large chambers bundle all cables, and the special plastic protects them from severe impacts against the drilling rig.

1500HP deep drilling rig with 35-m travel


Over the next few weeks, I will introduce my personal Top 3 for machine tools this year and other innovations individually. I will keep it interesting – I promise!  

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