Position accuracy in the Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF

Martin Raak | 28. August 2012

The Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF in Magdeburg has now been officially completed. In the film, there is a final documentation of the articulated arm’s positioning accuracy with the control intelligence developed by the institute. The second part of the film (from around 1:50 min.) shows the system achieving a positioning accuracy of +/-1 […]


Customer application: Pick+Place at the AUTOMATICA in Munich (Fraunhofer IFF)

Martin Raak | 11. June 2012

Roland Beherens and his team at the Fraunhofer Institut IFF (Factory operation and automation) in Magdeburg are using a robolink articulated arm with 4 degrees of freedom (custom design) in such a way that camera assisted sorting tasks can be performed automatically. The system uses SCHUNK drives, an adaptive gripper by FESTO and an in-house […]


Connection hall sensor SS443A

Martin Raak | 15. March 2012

The hall sensor Honeywell SS443A has an open collector output.Switching a load or PLC requires a relay or optocoupler according to the following wiring diagram. The protective diode is necessary in the relay circuit.Due to the low response times, we recommend the use of optocouplers (e.g. Weidmüller 8950760000).   0 0


Tensile strength test report of robolinkĀ® wires

Martin Raak | 26. January 2012

robolink® wires were tested for tensile strength on the ZWICK tractor (nominal tensile strength > 3600 N).The nipple connection was fixed with different adhesives (see installation instructions for the wires). The experiments were carried out at room temperature and at 80°C.          Wire with brass nipples  Section of the mounted nipple Test […]