Customer application: Pick+Place at the AUTOMATICA in Munich (Fraunhofer IFF)

Martin Raak | 11. June 2012

Roland Beherens and his team at the Fraunhofer Institut IFF (Factory operation and automation) in Magdeburg are using a robolink articulated arm with 4 degrees of freedom (custom design) in such a way that camera assisted sorting tasks can be performed automatically. The system uses SCHUNK drives, an adaptive gripper by FESTO and an in-house robot control to perform the positioning tasks. The project is sponsored by the European grant program ECHORD and is called ALEXA.

The application will be shown live at AUTOMATICA in Munich (22 May – 25 May). If interested, feel free to visit booth 511 of the Institute in building B3.

[forcecaption]robolink 4-DOF arm...

[forcecaption] operation...

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