autoglide 5 – perfect use of the busbar system

dklein | 4. December 2020

igus developed autoglide 5 to be a true alternative to busbar systems – for power and data transmission in compact spaces and for fast lane movement. In this article, we explain the disadvantages of the busbar system. We’ll also show you how to improve your technology with the autoglide 5 system. Disadvantages of busbar technology […]


The energy chain in the lane – Part 6

Christian Strauch | 16. June 2020

autoglide 5: Everything possible, or what? As extensively described in the last parts, the autoglide 5 is in many ways much better than a busbar system. To highlight just a few benefits: – Extremely fast installation: usually less than an hour, regardless of length! -You save a lot of time: time is cash, time is […]