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Spring-loaded ball transfer units made of plastic for high shock loads

Patrick Czaja | 21. October 2022

Our ball transfer units can be used to move fragile or heavy goods easily and in all directions without much effort. We use various design concepts for this. In addition to injection-moulded housings with housing pads and ball beds, we also offer a variant with a sliding insert specially designed for higher loads and shock loads. To further counteract high shock loads, we have now developed a spring-mounted ball transfer unit that distinguishes itself from other ball transfer units primarily with its vibration-damping properties.

In addition to resiliently absorbing the impact load, the spring-loaded ball transfer unit ensures even load distribution during goods transport with an uneven running surface. Thanks to the new design concept, the goods are guided gently, avoiding downtime costs and extending maintenance intervals. The ball transfer units are pre-loaded and then spring into the housing until the disc spring end force is reached if the load is greater than the pre-load force.

We test our products thoroughly before launch. We perform numerous tests in our in-house test laboratory to determine such quantities as maximum loads. The high number of tests makes it possible to develop expertise and incorporate it into refinements or new products. That is why we can always offer the right solution for the wide range of different customer applications.

A cross section of our spring-loaded ball transfer unit
Our ball transfer unit test laboratory

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