Spare parts for goods wagons

Thorsten Mersch | 8. June 2020

Goods wagons are often in service for 30 years or even 40 years. Getting spare parts at the beginning is no problem. But what do you do if the supplier removes this component from his product range or the whole company shuts its doors?

This is no problem with standard parts such as screws, seals and plain bearings. There are many suppliers who can exchange these components 1:1. If you can replace the old metal bearings with polymer bearings and even improve the application, everything is wonderful.

With special components it becomes more difficult. If you are lucky, at least you still have the technical drawing of the component. Otherwise the component must be laboriously reconstructed. Here, igus offers some solutions that facilitate the procurement of spare parts.

Special gliders in any shape or geometry can be easily uploaded via a step file on the website and produced with 3D printing. If a 3D model is not available, you can send us your old part by mail. A model is created with a 3D scan and subsequently processed on the PC.

In car transporters, bulk goods wagons and bogies there are all kinds of sliding plates. We’ve also had a new tool available on our website since April 2020. With the TriboCut Service you can also upload your component as a step file and have various sliding plates milled from our bar stock. Alternatively you can also design your own sliding plate.

Problems configuring sliding plates using the online tool

With all the mentioned tools, a multitude of known iglidur materials can be selected. Very good coefficient of friction and wear and, of course, freedom from lubricants are assured. Even in weather conditions or in contact with chemicals and abrasive materials, the components last “for the next 40 years”.

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