Smooth and gentle transfer: eggs and jam from the vending machine

Andrej Schmidt | 13. May 2020

The dispensing in a vending machine is not always done carefully. If the operator does not select the right type of vending machine for his products, the customer can quickly become displeased if he finds broken eggs or glasses in the dispensing tray. Spiral machines dispense the selected product by a rotary movement and drop it into the dispensing chute at the level of the rack. The drop height is less than one metre. Not all products survive this without damage. Anyone who wants to dispense sensitive products should therefore use an automatic lift.

Automatic lifts for gentle transport

As the name suggests, automatic lifts also work like normal lifts. A carriage travels up to the compartment of the stored product, the article is transferred to the carriage which then moves to the dispensing compartment and the customer can take the product. Products can be carefully transported without damage from the storage area to the dispensing chute. This makes automatic lift machines particularly suitable for sensitive products. But also any other products such as crisps or PET drinks can be sold in this way.

Individual components or complete flat linear robots

From individual plain bearings or individual cables to complete flat linear robots or harnessed energy chains, igus offers flexible solutions for vending machine manufacturers. Those who want to build their own vending machines will find suitable solutions here. For safe vertical movements in the tightest installation space, igus polymer nuts and lead screws can be used in automatic lift systems. If you wish, you can choose a complete system from a single source, saving development and assembly time. Flat or room linear robots are then the right choice for a careful and safe mode of transport from the shelf to the dispensing compartment.

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