Short or long strain relief teeth for triflex R?

Sandra Bertram | 14. April 2020

Marius Glaue | 17 March 2020 

Created on 17 March 2020 

By Marius Glaue 

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The use of strain relief components for energy supply systems is very often forgotten or simply underestimated and, when they are considered at all, they are often the wrong ones for the task at hand. This is extremely annoying and costs an unnecessary amount of time. But doing without strain relief is no solution either and can multiply problems in the long run. On the one hand, the cables become worn unless they are securely fastened at both ends or at least one end of the energy chain, as a result of which, they have to be replaced more frequently. On the other hand, the absence of strain relief can adversely affect the movement of the energy chain. 

The following points briefly describe the advantage of long strain relief teeth (Z2) in the case of light mounting brackets, when they are used for the three standard sizes TRC, TRE.B and TRCF for reasons of space. If the trouble is taken to install a strain relief system, it should at least be easy to use. 

Explanation of terminology/Advance information 

  • In the case of triflex R chains, there are standard mounting brackets (Link to the website) for use with TRE, TRC and TRCF. Space-saving light mounting brackets are used to fasten the TRL and TRLF  lightweight chain series (Link to the website). 
  • Both types of mounting brackets can also be used for the respective other type of chain. First, however, certain things need to be considered: 
  • Different chain sizes (40 and 60) do not fit together. 
  • Light mounting brackets are somewhat narrower than the standard mounting brackets (e.g. TL.60.01 = 20mm thick and TR.60.01 = 25mm thick) 
  • In the case of the triflex R chains, there is a socket end and a ball end, whereby the problem described here only occurs at the ball end. 
  • Standard mounting brackets have a greater holding strength than light mounting brackets 

Field experience 

There are applications where the use of standard mounting brackets is difficult for reasons of space. In these cases, it is possible to fasten the three standard chain series TRC, TRE and TRCF, with a light mounting bracket as this takes up less space. However, this space-saving benefit comes at the expense of lower holding strength compared to the standard mounting bracket. 

Problem description + solution 

Problem description + solution 

If the light mounting bracket has been mounted at the ball end of a TRC, TRE or TRCF, the links are somewhat broader than those of the TRL and TRLF chains. If a light mounting bracket with short teeth (Z1) has been selected, the strain relief teeth can no longer be used for fixation of the cable with cable tiewraps. The light mounting brackets with long strain relief teeth (Z2) are intended exactly for this purpose. The long teeth also enable secure strain relief with cable tiewraps when TRE, TRC and TRCF chains are used. 

Here, pictures say more than a thousand words: 

TRC.40 at the ball end with TL.40.01.Z1 mounting bracket (short teeth) where the strain relief component cannot be used as cable tiewraps cannot be attached. 

TRC.40 at the ball end with TL.40.01.Z2 mounting bracket (long teeth) where the cables can be fixed in place with cable tiewraps. 

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