Quickly available prototypes or samples for your plain bearing application

Dirk Tietz | 22. April 2020

The course of a development project can be turbulent. In time-critical phases, it is all the more important to have reliable partners and suppliers who provide rapid support with solutions and samples for tests. But which prototypes are available at what speed and what is the right sample for a specific project status?

We support you from the first step up to high-volume production with a wide range of manufacturing options, which are adapted to the requirements and development phase of your automotive project. With its motion plastics®, igus® offers samples suitable for every project status. From catalogue items to rapid prototyping

The simplest, fastest and cheapest option is to use immediately available catalogue items. From a quantity of 1 you will find more than 100,000 products available from stock, which are dispatched within 24h to max. 48h. The online shop offers more than 8,500 sizes compatible with the current standards: https://www.igus.co.uk/iglidur/plain-bearing

Manufacturing tribologically optimised components from iglidur® bar stock: you can find most materials for mechanical processing as round rods or plates on the igus homepage. igus® will gladly take over the machining or you simply order the desired bar stock: https://www.igus.co.uk/bar-stock/plastic-bar-stock

Due to almost free form design, 3D printing is particularly suitable for quick samples, prototypes or small batches. Tribologically optimised igus® materials are available as powder or filament for the additive production: https://www.igus.co.uk/info/3d-printing-overview

Rapid injection moulding with Rapid Tooling (print2mold) is a technology in which the injection moulds themselves are printed. There are no material restrictions on filament or laser sintering powder, since all iglidur® materials can be processed. Of course, the service life of the tools is strongly dependent on the material used and the design of the component. Fibre-filled high-temperature materials cause more wear on the surface of the cavity than unfilled polymer materials, for example. Even the tolerances to be achieved do not yet come close to those of steel tools: https://www.igus.co.uk/info/3d-printing-overview-injection-moulding-tools

Aluminium tools are a compromise between steel and 3D printed tools. They can be produced faster than their steel counterparts, but are much more precise than printed tools. Due to the soft aluminium, the service life is highly dependent on the polymer used and the component design. Unfortunately they cannot keep up with steel tools.

The igus automotive experts will be pleased to coordinate the right plain bearing material and the suitable manufacturing process with you. If you would like to request your special part directly from igus, the following link is available to upload your CAD file:


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