Quality products in continuous use – igus readycable with industrial plug-in connectors from HARTING supply storage and retrieval units

Markus Hueffel | 11. May 2020

In tropical conditions or even in deep freezers – a high availability of the storage and retrieval units is indispensable with a throughput of up to 30 double cycles per hour. Together with plug-in connectors from Harting, harnessed energy supply systems from igus ensure permanent availability for vertical movements in modular warehousing and logistics systems.

These storage and retrieval units, or SRUs for short, are the ideal solution for fully automated pallet storage. For example the “Exyz” by SSI Schäfer. The name is self-explanatory. The ‘E’ stands for efficiency, energy consumption and performance, and on all three axes X, Y and Z on which the SRU operates: longitudinal travel, lifting as well as storage and retrieval movements. It convinces with its maximum flexibility: the storage and retrieval unit can be used as a single-master or two-master unit with one or two load suspension devices for single, double or multiple depth storage and retrieval.

readycable in SRUs
Harnessed energy supply systems save installation work and costs

The configuration is based on the modular principle. The components are manufactured in batches, harnessed in the factory, tested and shipped, and then put into operation worldwide within a very short time. Here the igus readycable configured for the respective application fits perfectly into the system. This term refers to completely ready-harnessed cables, that are equipped with the appropriate industrial plug-in connectors according to the individual requirements of the respective customer application. In this way, users are guaranteed to receive turnkey delivered safe energy supply solutions.

Before that harnessing was done on our own, but since 2012, for economic reasons we have been using only harnessed systems, which only have to be installed at the respective construction site. All igus readycable units are harnessed industrially with machinery which, understandably, cannot be provided by in-house assembly.

SRU for the deep-freeze sector – Safety with Harting plug-in connectors

Storage and retrieval units must operate reliably in the deep freeze at temperatures down to -30 °C. Therefore it is essential that all components, from steel structures up to the energy chain and their cables, are designed and approved accordingly. To ensure a high availability of the system components and to keep maintenance and repair costs to a minimum, igus pays particular attention to the plug-in connectors, which reliably ensure power and signal transmission even at very low freezing temperatures.

HARTING plug-in connectors in readycable

In the area of freezing temperatures, Harting plug-in Han connectors are used, which are harnessed by igus using crimping machines. Among other things, these industrial plug-in connectors have been designed to combine different transmission media in one plug-in connector. Extensive accessories meet the different customer requirements. In addition, bracket clamps on the plug-in connector, among other things, ensure that disassembly or assembly, which is sometimes carried out on the mast at great heights, can be carried out easily with gloves due to the cold.

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