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Plain bearings for CDC processes: self-calibration in six steps

Julio Pauli | 24. April 2020

Plain bearings are used in motor vehicles in hinges, bonnet mechanisms, spoilers, boot hinges  and seats. These points  often feature rough mounts and collared grooves.  iglidur plain bearings use the effect of heat in the CDC process to calibrate themselves, ensuring that they still fit in place exactly.

If you  choose  cost-effective iglidur plain bearings, you always get a quiet, lubrication-free, corrosion-free solution. Electrically conductive  iglidur  materials ensure an optimum coating result in the CDC process.  Whether or not plain bearings in your application are exposed to high temperatures, media, or wear-intensive conditions,  iglidur  plain bearings are almost always a solution.

How self-calibration works  

For plain bearings to be suitable for the CDC or e-coating process in the first place, they must be electrically conductive. Electrically conductive iglidur materials can be used.  With the appropriate tolerance design, iglidur plain bearings can be calibrated during the drying process  and are delivered  to the end customer practically clearance-free . Bolts, rivets or shafts can further reduce costs. The polymer also adapts to the relatively roughly stamped mount under  temperature .

Hole with large tolerance
There is a roughly stamped mount or roughly stamped collared groove with  H10 or H11   tolerance classes.  
Hole or collared groove with iglidur plain bearing
An iglidur plain bearing with sliding fit is mounted in the hole or collared groove.
Pin or rivet fitting in bearing points
Pins or rivets are fitted with a cap in the bearing point.  
Bearing point with iglidur plain bearing in CDC immersion bath
CDC (cathodic dip coating) is carried out with the fitted  iglidur plain bearings and with the pin or rivet .  
iglidur plain bearing drying
The bearing point is dried. The iglidur plain bearing uses the effect of heat to calibrate itself in the bearing point. Suitable for up to 220°C and a maximum drying duration of 60 minutes.  
Low-clearance bearing support with iglidur plain bearings
The result is low-clearance bearing support in spite of holes and pins with large tolerances 

These six steps allow iglidur plain bearings to calibrate themselves during the CDC process, making them almost clearance-free. You can find out more in this video: 

We would be happy to show you further advantages of our polymer plain bearings.  

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