Order is a must – even with often inconspicuous round connectors

Markus Hueffel | 4. September 2020

Plug-in connectors, usually simply called “connectors”, are found in almost all interfaces in the industrial sector. If an interface is pluggable, it can be quickly and easily disconnected in case of service/fault. In this way, entire assemblies can also be equipped in a pluggable, i.e. modular and exchangeable manner. In this way, downtime can be reduced to a minimum in the event of any work being carried out and the initial installation at the end customer’s premises can be accelerated.

In order to fully exploit all these advantages however, a certain degree of order is required even for such inconspicuous connector components. It also significantly reduces the risk of unplanned disturbances caused by vibrations. In order to implement the defined attachment points required for this purpose, it is necessary to have a way of easily attaching round connectors or of securely laying them. This is exactly what such plug holders are for:

Source: Hebotec
Numerous advantages in use

These plug holders are suitable for the most common connector sizes M8 – M12 – M17 – M23 and can be installed quickly and easily with a cylinder screw. Thereby, the advantages are obvious:

  • Fixed mounting points
  • Reduction of vibration effects
  • No more cables lying around
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Universal and versatile use
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Scalability or retrofittability through bases that can be connected in rows
  • Suitable for industry and still affordable
Source: Hebotec
Available for all common connector sizes

Easy handling is achieved by simply pressing the plug-in connectors into the connector holders from above after they have been fixed by screw at the desired mounting point. This version for pressing in is available for sizes M8 and M12. For the other sizes M17 and M23 a Velcro tape is used. A Velcro tape is placed around the plug connection and guided through the channel into the plug holder so the round connector is secured.

All plug holders mentioned here are self-extinguishing in accordance with UL94-V0 and can be requested from your igus contact at any time. Besides Hebotec, there are many other well-known suppliers such as Hellermann Tyton or ABB. Our connector product experts are also available to you at any time with free assistance, advice and free sample parts:

And at the end, the simplicity of the assembly process is shown again here in pictures:

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