No more fairy tales …
“I am only allowed to use original drive cables from the drive manufacturer!”

Katharina Esch | 19. August 2020

There is a widespread rumour that one is forced to use the original drive cables of the drive manufacturer. With this rumour I would like to clarify today and explain why this statement belongs to the realm of fairy tales.

In this context I regularly hear statements that are not true. I would like to give a few examples to illustrate the topic.

The guarantee claim

Otherwise there are no guarantee claims for the drive system. “

” The CE seal lapses because another overall system must be taken into account due to supposedly unknown components. “

The manuals or CE-conformities concerned with this topic deal with FUs, throttles, filters, etc. But cables are not considered. According to component lists, these do not belong to the classic components. This means that the manufacturer’s guarantee claims run separately from the linking cable. The electrical specifications are fixed and these of course comply with chainflex cables.

The risk analysis

“Necessary risk analysis according to the machine directive, because unknown components (cables) are inserted. “

” In the risk analysis, cycle times of relays, valves, etc., are entered. Safety-relevant maintenance measures and component replacements are calculated on the basis of statistical values. Unfortunately, cycle numbers of dynamic electrical cables are not included there. This means that even this risk analysis does not take cables into account. Here you can score points with chainflex cables because we are the only cable manufacturer that makes a clear statement about service life and provides a guarantee.

Cable selection by the drive manufacturer

“Often only one dynamic and one fixed type from the drive manufacturer is available. “

” Drive manufacturers usually do not have a wide range of cables for dynamic applications. The focus and core competence is not on cables, these are regarded as a C-part. It is understandable, because the large drive manufacturers have their competence in motors & FUs. With this small selection it is impossible to implement all highly dynamic applications as well as those with challenging environmental conditions.

For this you have to switch to special cables for the motion. This is where we come back into the race as cable specialists. Because, with safety-relevant drives, unforeseeable cable problems can also cause safety-relevant problems.



The statement about the cancellation of the guarantee promise is not true. Cables are not included in the standards at all. Furthermore, in many applications there is no other solution than to use special cables. The requirements are often very high and cannot be met by standard cables.

Further advantages that igus offers with chainflex: 

  • As assembled cable available with original connectors of the drive manufacturers
  • No minimum order quantities
  • No cutting charges
  • We give a 100% guarantee on our cables to the drive manufacturer
  • More approvals and thus significant inventory reduction of the export-oriented machine builder
  • Calculable service life in the planning phase thanks to numerous online tools
  • A suitable alternative for every application thanks to up to 7 different types
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