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New ball bearing material for medical technology applications – xirodur® MT180

Patrick Czaja | 9. May 2022

Components used in medical applications are subject to strict hygiene requirements. Lubrication-free, corrosion-resistant ball bearings, plain bearings, and energy supply systems ensure flawless system operation in numerous customer medical technology applications thanks to the special high-performance plastics. Ball bearings and plain bearings are used in such applications as X-ray robots, laboratory devices, patient and treatment chairs, hospital beds, and prostheses.

An innovation has been added to the range of xirodur materials. The xirodur MT180 material complies with DIN EN ISO 10993, and individual components are certified as USP Class VI. This allows safe use in medical technology applications – even in a bioreactor agitator, which we illustrate schematically here:

▲ Tech up
  • Individual components with USP Class VI/DIN EN ISO 10993
Cost down
  • Customers save costs for assembly certification
Part numberØ d1Ø d2Length b1Weight [g]Radial load capacity (static/dynamic)Limit speed: [rpm]
Available upon request

Medical diagnostics are already benefiting from our plastic ball bearings. A rehabilitation device has been designed so that it can be used during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). MRI-compatible rehabilitation devices can be used in the strong magnetic field of MRI equipment to conduct physiotherapeutic exercises. The solution was ball bearings made of xirodur B180. They are non-magnetic due to the glass balls used, bidirectionally compatible, and lubrication-free; reduce friction; and require little maintenance.

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