What materials are suitable for medical equipment?

Lars Butenschön | 9. July 2019

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iglidur materials are extremely advantageous for the area of medical equipment. Their virtues include, on the one hand, cleanliness due to the absence of lubricants and, on the other, resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Due to low moisture absorption and therefore good degassing, the materials are also suitable for use in a vacuum or in cleanrooms; specific possibilities of use in the area of medical technology, however, depend on the respective parameters of each application. These include speed of rotation or pivoting speed, the loads that occur, the ambient temperatures and any chemicals that are present. Different certificates or standards are needed, especially in the area of medical technology. We will be happy to advise you personally to help you find the ideal iglidur material for your application. Or you can go to our easy-to-use iglidur Expert system to determine the ideal material for your bearing. Further information on iglidur and other igus products in the area of medical technology can be found on our medical technology website.

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