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How much does 3D printing cost?

Dirk Zacharias | 5. July 2019

How much does 3D printing cost?

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Basically, the price of 3D printing depends on the size, the volume, the requirements of the material and the used printing process. Just as larger components are usually more expensive than small ones, metal components are more expensive than plastic. Here, however, the costs can vary greatly within a material group,  and plastic parts made of a high-temperature plastic (such as PEEK) are many times more expensive than a technical plastic (polyamide 12).   In addition, the costs can be greatly influenced by the layer height and the degree of filling (100% is solid, at 10% there is only one grid filling with 10% material and 90% cavities), where the printing time is significantly reduced.  

3D printed gears in different materials and sizes

The decision for the correct 3D printing process is determined by the required material or the intended use, the complexity, the required number of pieces, the required precision and the production costs or the production time. In order to determine the exact cost of a model or component, the price should be requested from different manufacturers. In some cases, the price can also be determined online. Here the desired model can be uploaded and after selecting the material and the quantity the corresponding price will be displayed and it can be ordered directly online.

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