What must be borne in mind when igus® ball bearings are installed and measured?

Patrick Czaja | 26. August 2019

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igus is one of just a few manufacturers worldwide who produce ball bearing rings in injection moulding. This offers users the following advantages:

· High wear resistance due to its shape under high pressure

· Homogeneous material distribution

· Cost-effective production, leading to cheap sales prices

· Simplification of ball bearing installation

Due to this manufacturing process, different rules apply to the measurement as well as the installation compared to metal or ceramic ball bearings.

The outer ring of the polymer ball bearings has a conical shape. This simplifies the installation in a suitable housing (with the narrow side first). After press-fit into a housing machined to a H7 tolerance, the bearing clearance is reduced. Therefore, the ball bearings must be measured over the entire width; starting at an angle of 90° from the injection point

Measurement requirements
Installation recommendations
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