The plain bearing has failed prematurely, reddish dust is is trickling out of the bearing point.

Lars Butenschön | 9. July 2019

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If the iglidur plain bearing – this tip also applies to other plastic plain bearings – fails prematurely or no longer works correctly, it is worth taking a closer look at the dust that trickles out. If the dust has a metal origin, the plain bearing is usually not the problem, at least not directly. A main advantage of iglidur plain bearings is that additional lubrication is dispensed with. Many people overlook the fact that lubricants are not only needed for plain bearings. They also provide protection against corrosion, especially in bearing points outdoors and in applications where there is a lot of moisture/high humidity. iglidur plain bearings are corrosion-free, of course. But is this also true of your shaft? And the housing? This is where the dust mentioned above comes into play. If it is of metal origin and, in some cases, even has a reddish colour, it is metal dust from the housing or the shaft. Then, you will often be unable to find much corrosion at the places in question as it has been rubbed off. One-time application of anti-corrosion wax is a remedy for this. Alternatively, stainless or coated types of steel can be used. Continued lubrication can also be an economical alternative.

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