The assembly advantage of a split linear plain bearing

Michael Hornung | 5. July 2019

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As an alternative to lubricated ball bushings, there is the clean self-lubricating alternative of a linear plain bearing adapter. The two cylindrical types have identical installation heights and can be installed in any linear housing. The assembly in the housing is also identical for both bearings. With a split housing, the replacement of the bearing can be done without complete disassembly of the shaft and saves installation time!

  1. First, a circlip is removed from the linear housing.
  2. The linear bearing adapter is pushed out and both bearing halves of the shaft are removed.
  3. The new linear liner is clipped around the shaft and positively inserted into both bearing halves, whereby it is axially and radially secured.
  4. The linear adapter is now pushed back into the housing and fixed with the circlip.

And this is how it works:

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