My plain bearing has too much/too little clearance or dimensional deviation

Lars Butenschön | 9. July 2019

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The adequate bearing clearance is set automatically in the case of iglidur plain bearings – unless agreed otherwise, – for example  example, for customised special products that are made – after being press-fitted. This clearance results from the tolerance of the plain bearing (E10, F10 or D11, depending on the material) and the tolerance of the shaft, which should be h9. In the framework of the igus quality inspection, the plain bearings are press-fitted in a housing with H7 tolerance with the help of a pin gauge.

Frequent causes of dimensional deviations and bearing clearance are

–    a housing hole/shaft that has the wrong tolerance or has been made incorrectly

–    burrs in the housing hole

–    measurements with inadequate measuring instruments (for example  example, with a sliding caliper gauge)

–    action of moisture (in the case of materials with high moisture absorption)

–    deformation as a consequence of excessively high temperatures above the maximum recommended temperature

Are there nevertheless deviations? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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